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Die meisten Menschen verwenden mehr, Kraft darauf, um die Probleme herumzureden, statt sie anzupacken.

-- Henry Ford



Credits & Lizenz-Information

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Hilfe für xFPDF Version 2.0

This module is tested with PostNuke 0.76, 0.75 and 0.726

Upload the files to the modulefolder (webroot/modules), using a name different from "xFPDF" (case sensitive on most servers) may cause problems.

- Note - the distribution includes a pnRender plugin - if you are not using pnRender in your 0.726 version - please delete the folder modules/pnRender in this distribution before uploading.

Create a folder in your root called 'cache' - change permissions to CMOD 755.

Initialize the module from the admin panel.

Link from the theme article or summary (or even both).

How? - That depends on the theme! Put the following code where you want it presented in your theme.

- Normal theme:
<a href=\"index.php?module=xFPDF&func=main&plugin=News&sid=$info[sid]\" target=\"_blank\"><img src=\"modules/xFPDF/images/pdf.gif\" border=\"0\">

Put the link right after "$preformat[more]".

- Autotheme:
<a href="index.php?module=xFPDF&func=main&plugin=News&sid=<?php echo $info["sid"];?>" target="_blank"><img src="modules/xFPDF/images/pdf.gif" border="0"></a>

Put the link right after "<!-- [article-more] -->".

Check the forums on to find updates for your theme.

If you have images in your News stories:

If size is not set, they will not appear.


<img src="img.png"> (will not work)
<img src="img.png" height="100" width="200"> (will work)

The images are inserted inline, and this script can not wrap text around it. So if you want pictures to work properly,
you will need to set the articles in table.


<table><tr><td><img src="img.png" height="100" width="200"></td><td>Article Text</td></tr></table>

Using Pagesetter or other pnRender enabled modules with the xFPDF module.

Insert <!--[render_pdf filename=$yourargumet]--> in the beginning of the template - and <!--[/render_pdf]--> at the end.

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RSS-News-Syndikation über backend.php - Bücher versandkostenfrei fotokasten - the pixel evolution und Bike24 - Online-Shop für Rennrad und Mountainbike - Fachversand für Radsportbekleidung Dogtags mit Ihrem Namen Lenscare - Europas größter Kontaktlinsen-Versand GRATIS Mega-Poster!