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Changelog für scribite Version 1.21

scribite! Version 1.21 (.764)
- added new modules: tFAQ
- code improvements
- bugfixes: areas and funcs switched in CE/element, fixed fckeditor call for pagesetter and PagEd (all areas)
- templates renamed
- prototype.js is now needed for scribite! (included in package)
- calls from FDKeditor and xinha changed to use prototype.js in order to prevent problems with other onload functions

scribite! Version 1.2 (.764)
- added slv language - thanks to Blaz Carli
- code improvements
- fixed bug in pagesetter files (xinha pagesetter plugins returns no links)
- moved javascripts from /modules/scribite/pnincludes to /javascript for security reasons in pn.8 (/modules/.htaccess !)
- xinha
- change xinha to compressed version in order to save space
- removed some buggy plugins from package
- support for FCKeditor (v2.4, Build 1148)
- only base functions in this version, config should be done in template if required

scribite! Version 1.1
- added nld language files (many thanks to arjen tebbenhoff)
- added xinha plugin for folder module from
- new xinha (rev.739)
- added new modules: element, ContentExpress
- NOC bugfixes: 4064, 4066, 4069

- added new modifier modifier.makeParagraph.php from in order to set none "paragraphed" text into p-tags
since text from textareas where no ENTER has been pressed has no p-tags

scribite! Version 1.0
- bugfixes and code improvements
- included tabber.js script by Patrick Fitzgerald (
- new xinha scripts (rev647) included
- new parameters in administration available
- added configurations for some plugins in "pntemplates/xinha_editorheader.html"
- support for TinyMCE (v2.0.9)
- only allowed html is processed in editor
- some parameters available in administration
- extra template "pntemplates/tinymce_editorheader.html"
- added new modules: pnweblog
- added turkish language files (many thanks to tuerkyilmaz from
- !!! changed permissions to COMMENT !!!

(xinha) Version 1.0
- bugfixes
- new xinha nightly build (rev607) included
- new plugin-call via pnRender-Template
- new xinha plugin for mediashare
- completely new Admin-Interface
- 3 toolbar modes (full/reduced/mini)
- toolbar modes are defined in seperate templates
- xinha-plugins can be switched on/off in Administration - deleted some modules, where's no use for it in postnuke
- modules can be switched on/off in Administration. Only installed modules are shown
- "out of the box" support for AddStory, Submit_News, Admin_Messages, htmlpages, pnMessages, pnForum,
Mailer and PagEd (>1.x)
- "hacked" support for FAQ, Reviews, Sections and Settings (footer) in pn version <.764
- "hacked" support for PagEd (v0.931), pagesetter (v6.2.0/6.3.x), PostCalendar (4.0.2 CVS)
and pncommerce(ItemDescription).
-> See pndocs/modules.txt for further information
- pnconfig/editor.css added to config xinha-styles in editor
- pnconfig/DynamicCSS.css added to use for DynamicCSS plugin styles

(xinha) Version 660 (developer edition, perhaps a few installations)
- minor fixes in pnRender-Plugin
- new xinha nightly build included
- added: permission EDIT required for editor
- added: Support for PagEd, Pagesetter
- new xinha plugin for pagesetter and photoshare
- choosable skin

(xinha) Version 261
- initial version from Andreas Krapohl (larsneo)

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