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Ob du eilst oder langsam gehst, der Weg vor dir bleibt derselbe.

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Changelog für pnWebLog Version 0.4

Changelog for the pnWebLog module

new in 0.40
- preferences are no longer stored in an extra database - pnWebLog now
uses the PN module vars (Attention: templates have to be replaced).
The no longer necessary table pnweblog_preferences will be deleted when
you update the module
- you can now manage how many latest postings should be shown in the
main list for all weblogs
- if there is a special category filtered to be displayed the "newer"
and "older posting" links will work fine now.
- avatar (if the weblog owner has one) is now displayed in the weblog
main list
- added link in weblog list to user's profile
- added link in comments to user's profile
- Linebreaks a user might have in a description
of his weblog are not shown any more in the list
of weblogs with the description
- list of existing weblogs is now sorted (title, description)
- link if shorturl is enabled for the actual weblog is not really short
any more because of errors using some characters (ä, ö, etc.)

new in 0.30
- pnUserPictures-Integration. Every Blog-User now has his own
gallery that can be filled with fotos...
get pnUserPictures:
- scribite! pnWebLog now works with scribite.
Attention! Xinha as a standalone installation is no longer supported!
So please update to scribite (that includes xinha). There is no
accepted reason not to use scribite instead of xinha :-)
- RSS-Backend: description no longer part of the RSS-Feed,
only the link available. Reason: If there is html-code
in the description (intro text), the RSS feed might get

new in 0.21
- fixed bug: categoryfilter was defect
- fixed bug: version nummer fixed

new in 0.2
- Weblogs are now included in the postnuke's site search (see INSTALL.txt)
- Added permission scheme (see INSTALL.txt)
- pnRender-caching: unique cache_id value for each page
- Guestbook-functionality in weblog owner's preferences
- Comment-ID is now shown with each comment
- new english language file

new in 0.13
- RSS interface, see INSTALL.txt for more details
- title hack
- New structure in database:
* counter-fields to count views in pages and posts table
* new admin preferences table
- New admin functions:
* shorturl
* domain settings
* weblogs per page configuration
* system messages if your system is not really ready for pnweblog
- Views of pages and posts get counted now
- Configure how many weblogs should be displayed on the main page (pager settings)
- As usual: I fixed some bugs...

new in 0.12
- I just fixed some bugs, new really new functions
- Improved security handling

new in 0.11
- I just fixed some bugs

new in 0.10
- hey, everything is new ;-) this was the first release! ;-)

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