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Changelog für pnForum Version 2.6

$Id: changelog.txt,v 1.15 2005/11/13 08:46:01 landseer Exp $

PostNuke pnForum Module changelog

2.6 (fs)
This version needs .760 or later!

- added create/update/delete/displayhooks that create topics when new submission, e.g. news have
been approved/sent. This needed some db changes.
- added plugin to show the users who are online (credits to Franky Chestnut for this one)
footer template updated accordingly
- added rss2forum feature based on the work of Franky Chestnut
- moved all language defines to global.php for easier handling

2.5 (fs)
This version needs .760 or later!
Important changes:
- $loggedin in templates has been replaced with $pncore.logged_in. Customized templates
need to be updated!
- finding the correct images for topics, new topics, hot topics and hot new topics (viewforum)
is not longer done in program code but is now part of the template logic. There are two new fields in
the topic array: new_posts and hot_topic, see the pnforum_user_viewforum.html template for more
information. Custom templates might need some adjustments.
The fields image, altimage and image_attr are obsolete now and have been removed!!
- the same is valid for the image in the main pnForum view, new field $forum.new_posts
removed: fldr_img, fldr_img_attr, fldr_alt

- added new option to remove all html tags outside of [code][/code] from new postings
- removed obsolete setting "minimum postings for anchor", the plugin postanchor is deprecated
now, do not use it any longer!
- fixed path disclosure in user settings displayed in user.php (credits to Jörg Napp for this)
- added mail2forum feature
- forum search now optional with FULLTEXT index
- new option to turn off the favorites system
- easier topic subscription management for the user
- easier forum moderation (credits to Thomas Pawlitzki for this improvement)
- bug fixes, cleanups (as usual)
- a lot of other fixes and addons

2.0.1 (fs)
- bugs fixes, code clean ups
- new option to create forum or category specific error messages if the user does not have
the right to see / view etc.
- new option in admin panel to prepopulate the "subscribe to topic" checkbox when writing
a new topic or post
- french language pack incl. button images! Credits go to Franck Barbenoire (
for this contribution.

2.0.1 RC3 (fs)
- lots of bugs and html fixes
- new option to define favorites and switch between showing them or all forums
- new option to change post order in topic view
- new option in moving forums in admin
(for those three options the credits go to Chris Miller aka r3ap3r)
- layout changed significantly
- templates partly xhtml compliant (also Chris' work...)
- complete new sets of graphical buttons

2.0.0 RC2 (fs)
- added forum internal search
- support for pn_highlight hook
- configurable signature replacement
- admin now completely multilingual
- lots of addons, bug fixes, minor changes, (x)html fixes, code cleanups and refactorization

2.0.0 RC1 (fs)
- changed phpBB_14 to pnForum (update from previous phpBB_14 during during module update)
- fully API compliant now
- using pnRender templates
- fixed some SQL statements
- refactored the code
- simplified the blocks
- added quick answer

- improvements for use of short urls (viewforum.php, latest.php)
- fixed redirect when replying to topics with more then one page in reply.php (thx to jn)
- fixed permission schema in prefs.php (thx to  Michael Cohen)
- fixed missing input check in viewtopic for $start var (thx to Marc Bradshaw)
- fixed missing pnVarPrepForDisplay in editpost.php (thx to immof)
- fixed posting count when deleting posting from other authors in editpost.php (thx to ydb)
- ported search include to better API compliance
- removed deprecated stuff in admin.php, adminapi.php and index.php
- fixed HTML compliance issues (& instead of &) in latest.php, emailtopic.php
- added display hooks (e.g. rating) to the viewtopic.php
- added pnTitle.php for title hack by jn ( (thx to STNetwork)
- improved XTE compliancy / short url implementation (viewtopic.php, modpanel.php, editpost.php, functions.php)
- improved permission checks and sql-statement (modpanel.php)
- added /user folder for user's profile page (forum subscriptions)
- started with wcag/section 508 validation
- less problems when author was removed from postnuke's main user table
- fixed pager for large forums
- added paranoic (int) checks
- renamed make_jumpbox function
- preview for new topic, reply topic and edit topic
- updated check for admin.php called correctly (thx to jn)
- fixed search query
- fixed missing table tag in administration
- fixed signature in reply preview

- use of pnUserGetVar instead of pnSessionGetVar
- moved some javascript functions from functions.php to own directory and included them again

- fixed permission schema in prefs.php (thx to reggi837)
- fixed output stream in /includes/search/phpBB_14.php (thx to dberansky)
- fixed some closing HTML tags
- fixed wrong <?php tag (thx to Cem Eryasar)
- fixed bbcode [code] tag (moved to hook)
- fixed globals
- fixed forum subscription in viewforum
- optimized all sql-queries
- major code cleanup in functions.php
- major filesystem cleanup
- database cleanup during upgrading
- updated pninit.php for better install/upgrade/remove functions
- beautified some /eng icons
- various E_ALL fixes
- fix for '/' breaking smilie-code (thx to neurophyre) (moved to hook)
- cleanup in /admin folder (deprecated)
- moved notification functions from functions.php to prefs.php
- added further pnAuthID checks
- cleanup in message-storing: now nl2br is used only for display, since we use hooks smilies and bbcodes are stored plaintext
- major cleanup in adminapi.php, fixed various bugs due to incorrect input-cleaning

New Features
- added 'transform' hooks - this way one can add e.g. autolinks, wiki (bbcode, bbsmile and bbclick hooks available at
- new centerblock
- updated /eng bbcode images (thx to Jim)
- added latest post feature (last week, yesterday, today, 24 hours, x hours, last visit) (thx to timax)
- added topic based notification (thx to VitSoft, McSim)
- added config for showing 'Allowed HTML tags' in administration/forumwide settings
- display of bbcode-tags & smiles configurable (can be set to no even if the hooks are installed)
- ip-logging can be turned off (due to privacy issues in germany)

- since bbcode and smile functions are moved to hooks you'll need the pn_bbcode and pn_bbsmile hooks from or
- with pn_bbclick you can convert url- and mail-adresses to links automatically - might be usefull, too ;)

- ADODB-conversion and query optimization - big thanx to Jeremy Coates
- layout changed to some phpbb2 style, images multilingual - big thanx to Bernd

New Features:
- switched over to use of pnVarPrepForDisplay and pnVarHMTLDisplay
- fixed some pnVarPrepForStore statements
- added pnVarCensor to output
- added pnAuthID
- restored smilie admin
- various layout fixes

Additional features:
- you can use some additional style sheets: pn-phpBB-Title, pn-phpBB-border, pn-phpBB-cat
- you can use background images in tables: cell1.gif for tableheader and cell2.gif for category (to be placed in /themes/YOUR_THEME/images)
- hoover effects in forum-index and category-view with $bgcolor3 and $bgcolor4

credits to larsneo, voll, jeremy, tomahawk
- functions.php: ML support for BBCode alt messages as well as for BBCode popups
- viewforum.php: ML support for alt 'Go to the last new post'
- functions.php: minor style fix with "[Email this topic to a friend!]"-link, nicified the HonoraryRanks Admin page, cleaned doble declaration of function
- adminapi.php: nicified the HonoraryRanks Admin page, fixed rank-admin look, so it's similar to honorary-admin
- admin.php: nicified the HonoraryRanks Admin page, fixed rank-admin look, so it's similar to honorary-admin
- reply.php: javascript code was generated before HTML headers, fix for sql-error when no ranks defined
- editpost.php: fix for topic delete if user edits own post
- /pnblocks/phpBB_14.php: E_ALL-fixes
- some more pnConfigGetVar('anonymous') fixes
- fixed email notification with anonymous posts

currently only /eng and /deu due to some major cleanup - sorry folks...

- DB structure changes - none
- Module language defines (no new, no changed)
- Module block/search include language defines (new-none,changed-none)
- security schema updated - Only names are used now
- security schema for statistic block updated (larsneo)
- security schema for search include updated (larsneo)
- permissions using chapter rewritten in install.txt (Thomas Almnes)
- major cleanup in /eng-language file

New features:
- in statistic block added title tag for mouseover (larsneo)
- badword-filter restored (Thomas Almnes)

credits to larsneo, chiesi, mindspin, lucky george, thomas
- default charset in notification e-mailes is now iso-8859-1
- fixed missed includes of functions.php in adminapi.php - error reporting was broken
- viewtopic.php: online-status fixed / added text for icons / switched to pnConfigGetVar('anonymous') / some typofixes / major code-cleanup
- reply.php: switched to pnConfigGetVar('anonymous') / fix for signature line / category permission added / typo fix / fix for badwords / fix for html in message / major code-cleanup
- newtopic.php: security schema for category / fix for width / fixed backslahes bug / category permission added / fix for table header / fix for badwords / fix for html in message / major code-cleanup
- editpost.php: category permission added / fix for width / removed signature from textarea / fix for badwords / fix for html in message / major code-cleanup
- functions.php: category permission / bbcode fix / code cleanup / fix for link in pageheader viewforum, newtopic / fixed smilie display for more then 20 smilies / fix for badwords / major code-cleanup / fix for BBCode [CODE] display / fix for subscription from indexpage
- adminapi.php: fix for honorary ranks asign / fix for ranks update / fix for badwords / small typofixes in "add forum" and "edit category"
- admin.php: fix for badwords
- pntables.php: fix for badwords
- pninit.php: fix for badwords
- index.php: cleanup
- phpbb.php: E_ALL-fixes, pnConfigGetVar('anonymous') / fixed < / td > bug / restored cookie function
- /pnblocks/phpBB_14.php: E_ALL-fix
- viewforum.php: restored cookie functions / restored "Start at the first new post"-icon
- admin/topic.php: fix for auth-check 'category'
- default configuration variables are now loaded when module is initialized

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