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Changelog für EZComments Version 1.3

$Id: changelog.txt,v 1.12 2005/10/13 14:17:34 markwest Exp $


1.3 - Added a pager to the users view of comments

1.2 - Added additional field for anonymous users website
- Template sets now support thier own images and stylesheets via the ezcommentsimg and ezcommentsstylesheet plugins

1.1 - Added Atom and RSS feeds for last x comments
- 'modname' parameter in function interfaces changed to 'mod' to avoid clash with pnmodapifunc plugin

1.0 - Added comment type field; allows for distinction of comments from different sources e.g. trackback

0.9 - Added optional logging of IP address for comments
- Added additional moderation option; moderate comments except where someone has commented before
- Added comment statistics

0.8 - Added comment moderation features (blacklists, moderation lists, link count, insecure proxies)
- Added admin notification on comment requiring moderation
- Multiple comment deletion functionality added (by status and user selection)
- E-mails sent by module are now templated

0.7 - Added anonymous users able to define name and e-mail address

0.6 - Migration scripts moved to a standard module API
- Migration scripts added for polls and reviews modules
- Module remove hook added so all comments belonging to a module are removed when the module is removed

0.5 - Template sets moved to pntemplates enabling the admin to select the default template set
- Added functionality to allow for editing/deletion of individual comments
- User navbar added allowing user to select comment view (template set)

0.4 - PN hooks bug fixed so delete hook is now standardised
- Entire module now templated
- Transform hooks are now called for EZComments not the top-level module

0.3 - Local smarty installation removed module now uses pnRender
- Added item delete hook so that comments are deleted when an item is deleted (credit to Timo)

0.2 - The administrator can check that new mail is sent
when a new comment is made.

Migration plugin functionality
Available now is a plugin to migrate from the original NS-Comments
Module to EZComments

Cleanup functionality to erase
This is needed after the deletion of a module. EZComments does not
recognize this deletion. With the Cleanup you can wipe out all comments
for the module in question.

Comments can be displayed threaded (depending on the template)

Comments can have their own subject (depending on the template)

Templates uses .htm as suffix
Templates uses <!--[ and ]--> as smarty delimiters
Added a lot of Templates in the MoreTemplates directory

Added a pager to the admin panel so you do not see all comments on
one page (important for sites with lot of comments)

Transform hooks
EZComments calls transform hooks. The hooks must be activated for
the "parent" module (say, you want EZComments for News, so you must
activete the transform hooks for News, not for EZComments)

A lot of new translation variables.

0.1b - another bugfix release
Should work with open_basedir restrictions
Italian translations by Stefano Garuti included

0.1a - bugfix release
Bugfixes provided by markwest
Checks if Smarty class is already defined in eczsmarty.php

0.1 -- initial Release

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